Support for new and used

Support for new and used equipment sets Morris training apart

Among growers and dealers alike, Morris has a well-earned reputation for making some of the best farmer-inspired precision equipment on the market today. Machines like the C2 Contour and the 9 Series Air Cart. But what separates Morris from the pack isn’t just their technological edge, it’s their training and support for both new and used equipment.

These benefits came through loud and clear at a series of training sessions held this past spring at the Morris Training Centre in Saskatoon. Dealers and growers were hosted by Morris for in-depth training on their drills and carts.

“All the growers really appreciated the fact that Morris had support for new and used products,” says Shane Emms, a Sales Specialist at Farm World in Humboldt. “The training course wasn’t a sales pitch. The classroom sessions covered everything from the pros and cons of how to operate the machines, to the features and how to deal with existing issues. The growers really appreciated it.”

The equipment reviewed by the Morris experts included the Morris 7, 8, and 9 Series air carts and the Contour drills. “They covered the new C2 — depth control, options for keeping your shanks in the ground, opener options, maintenance — there was a full schedule on the C1, C2 and the Maxim drills,” Emms recalls. “For the air carts the Morris team demonstrated how the new ICT works, the new monitors, and all the other features including the three different methods of metering.”

Emms says the highlight for the growers was that Morris also had support for used machines. “No one else does it like they do,” he says. “I had two customers that were new to the Morris product. It was used and they didn’t know how to operate them. The fact that Morris put on a show and ensured everyone who owned their equipment would get the best out of it, really impressed them. That training and support really helped to sell the product.”

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