Recessed shank design makes the difference

Seeding through trash always puts precision seeding systems to the test.

New independent opener drills are excellent for seed placement accuracy, but as a number of farmers have discovered, they don’t clear trash as well as the conventional air drills with the “C” shank. Independent opener drills with the vertical shank have a tendency for long residue to wrap around the shank rather than ride up the shank and roll off.

“The Morris C2 Contour is the only independent opener drill on the market with a shank recessed at 12 degrees,” says Morris Chief Operating Officer, Don Henry. “The opener has been designed to remove any catch points for residue. It will clear trash better than any other independent opener drill on the market.”

In heavy trash conditions, precision seed placement isn’t usually affected unless the drill gets plugged to the point that it lifts the opener out of the ground. “Generally the issue with the independent opener drill is the residue that makes a mess in the field and leaves bunches that can affect seed germination. It also makes the field extremely rough for spraying and harvesting,” Henry says.

Raising the lowest catch point on the C2 Contour allows it to work effectively in difficult trash conditions such as taller stubble heights, lodged areas and heavy crop residue. Morris has also removed any other catch points that could hang up residue on the opener. The result: greatly improved trash flow.

Can heavy trash affect draft requirements? Most likely yes, especially if the drill gets plugged to the point of lifting the openers out of the ground. Don Henry says: “If the plugging starts lifting the openers out of the ground you’ll have to lift up the drill to clear the trash, and then turn around and come back into the row at the same place. This is extremely frustrating.”

If you own a C2 Contour, you’ve got the right machine to deal with seeding into 2015 trash conditions. The C2 Contour is engineered to cut through trash. The single shank design not only offers the best trash clearance, it offers the best depth control with lower draft requirements and better fuel savings.

The Morris C2 Contour is engineered to do the job with less worry, hang-ups and frustration. Hands down, it offers the best trash clearance in the market for independent openers.

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