Input Control Technology™ (ICT)

Engineered for instant overlap control

The Morris ICT is engineered to prevent overlaps by stopping product flow over the sections that are not required.

  1. The meter-wheels for each section are always full of seed and fertilizer, which reduces the time required to charge the system when beginning the next pass.
  2. The ICT system uses a unique hydraulic drive system to engage or disengage the individual metering-wheels that stop the product in each tank from flowing instantly.
  3. Single-handle clean out door continues from the standard metering system.
  4. The simple sprocket-driven system is visible to the operator when inspecting the tanks, and its function is intuitive.
  5. The simple on and off set-up gives the operator a much more cost-effective and less complicated way to conserve crop inputs.
  6. Electric sensors to verify the system is working and displayed on the monitor.
  7. The electric GPS system is transmitted to the Topcon X30 controller. The controller then signals the hydraulic valve, which engages or disengages the gear drive system, for the metering wheels.
  8. With the simple sprocket-driven system, the metering-wheel is either engaged and turning, or is stopped.
  9. Gates can be closed to inspect meter wheels.

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