New 91000 Air Cart makes big debut at Farm Progress in Regina

Morris has a history of making big news at Farm Progress and this year is no exception. Among the farmer-inspired equipment being debuted at the Morris booth is the new 91000 Air Cart. Bigger and better are the best ways to describe this rugged addition to the 9 Series lineup.

Bigger because the 91000 comes with a total tank capacity of 1,000 bushels. The four tanks feature splits of 331, 162, 162, and 349 bushels.

Better because the tow-behind 91000 is designed with innovations to increase efficiency. Producers have a choice of a 12-inch auger, or 16-inch conveyor option. This model can be equipped with either mechanical ground drive metering, variable rate metering, or with Input Control Technology (ICT) for overlap control. The 91000 features 800/65R32 single lug front wheels and a choice of 850/80R38 or 800/70R38 dual lug wheels on the back.

Also being introduced at the show is the Morris 9800 in a tow-between. This new model complements the very popular 9800 tow-behind model. The new 9800 tow-between features the same tire options as the new 91000 model.

To learn more about the new 91000 and 9800 Air Carts, just drop by the Morris booths. We look forward to hearing your comments.

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