5 ways Morris is tops down under

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West midlands group trial

1. The trial pitted an 18m (60ft) Morris Contour Drill with its paired-row double-shoot opener system set on 30cm (12in) spacings against an 18m Seed Hawk bar also on 30cm spacings.

2. Plant counts tipped the numbers in favor of the Morris drill by up to an extra 27 plants – and translated into higher yield at harvest.

3. The Morris notched 3.09t/ha, 170kg/ha more than the Seed Hawk at 2.92t/ha. At a price of around $300/t for Hindmarsh barley, the Morris earned an extra $51/ha more.

4. Research also confirmed improved moisture-holding capacity and significantly less weed populations due to better crop competition with the paired-row system.

5. Growers were especially impressed by the quick crop emergence achieved with the Morris Contour Drill.

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